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Basketball PRO Kit + softball

Basketball PRO Kit + softball

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Introducing The Original Chargeball™️ Basketball PRO Kit PLUS a Chargeball Softball. Featuring a high quality, size 6 basketball and a 12-inch softball, which glow brighter and longer than anything else on the market. Includes the official Chargeball Chargebag to charge your ball in 20-seconds. Keep the game going all night!

🏀 Charge your ball in 20 seconds

🏀 Unique long-lasting glow

🏀 High quality balls. Made to perform, just like a regular balls

🏀 Made from high quality, durable materials. Optimal grip surface, water-resistant, BPA free, non-toxic and 100% quality inspected

🏀 Size 6 basketball. 12-inch softball


What's Included:

🏀 Premium Chargeball Basketball 

🥎 Premium Chargeball Softball

🏀 LED lined Chargebag

🏀 AA Batteries NOT included. USB power cord supplied

🏀 14-day money back guarantee

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