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Introducing the Chargeball Baseball Glove PRO Kit, the perfect piece of kit to keep the game going longer. Includes the official Chargeball Chargebag, to charge your glove in 20-seconds, and PowerBank for on the go charging. Chargeball will power your game, all night long!

⚾ Charge your glove in 20 seconds

⚾ Unique long-lasting glow

⚾ Made from high-quality polyurethane

⚾ Superior quality, hand-stitched from super durable material, water resistant, BPA free, non-toxic and 100% quality inspected

⚾ Available in 11.5” and 12.5." Left and right hand throw options.

PowerBank (battery)

15-day money back guarantee

⚾ $12.99 flat rate shipping in the US.


The Chargeball Glove will keep your game going through the night. The perfect accessory for after-dark play, our glove takes fun to the next level, plus it's designed to sharpen focus and improve hand-eye coordination. If you already have a Chargeball baseball or softball and love it, this will add another dimension to practice time. Use the unique LED lined Chargebag to activate your glove in just 20 seconds. Every Chargeball Glove is hand-stitched and individually quality inspected. #ChargeYourGame


You Asked - We Answered. Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Charged Chargeball Last?
After charging your Chargeball, it will glow for up to 2 hours. If your Chargeball begins to dim, simply place your ball in a Chargeball Chargebag for a few seconds or hold under an LED light and you’re good to go.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?
Place your Chargeball in the Chargebag or place under a standard LED light for just 20 seconds and it will be fully charged for a night of fun.

Do Chargeball’s Have An Internal LED Light?
No. The glow from each Chargeball is produced from our custom, glow in the dark materials and rare earth technology, which lights up without the need for internal LED lights or batteries.


Can You Use A Chargeball Like a Regular Ball?
Yes! You can hit, kick, throw and catch a Chargeball, just like a regular ball.

What Size Is a Chargeball?
All Chargeball’s are regulation size and weight.

What Material Are Chargeballs Made Of?
Every Chargeball is hand-stitched from high quality, durable materials, BPA free, non-toxic, water resistant and 100% quality inspected.

Are Chargeballs Currently Available At Retail Outlets?
No. Currently Chargeball’s are only available via our online store and Amazon. In the future, we anticipate that Chargeball will be available at retail outlets.